I knew Jaedyn was always fussy but as I was looking at the pics I took I realized she's always fussy...My wonderful dad went and bought some Gripe Water..I hope it works

Jaedyn's first bath...I think she was just shocked by everything because since then she's had 2 more baths and she just sits their as happy as can be...

Jaedyn getting her nails done...Can't wait to get her ears pierced :)

My Beautiful Baby!!!

Saturday, Jan 9 2010 I was due to have my baby, and I wasn't having any promising contractions, so we decided to go an hour south to Mound City to hang out with the fam. Throughout the day I had some contractions but nothing regular but when 10pm came around I was having hard contractions 9 min apart all night long. I got no sleep, we stayed home from church because I was miserable from the 9 min apart contractions. By 8pm I couldn't take it anymore it only went from 9 min apart to 8 min apart. We got to the hospital and I was only 2.5 centimeters so they watched me for several hours and I eventually got to a 4 they decided to keep me and said we're going to have a baby! Wa Hoo!! Finally, I thought. They eventually gave me an epidurl but I was still feeling the contractions when they couldn't figure out why, they called the anesthesiaologist and he came and looked at the epidurl and said it had fallen out. They had to give me another one. Finally at 5:30 my water broke, and at 6:30 I was only a 5. I thought I'm never going to have this baby. The next time they checked me it was 8am and I was a 10. I only needed my water to break.

I started pushing at 10am and the process was taking forever. No matter how hard I pushed she didn't want to come out. They could only see a tiny bit of hair. By 12:30 I recieved a blessing and literally the next push they had to call the Dr. in since it was only Luther and the nurse in the room at the time. She was really coming and in 12 min going from nothing but a few strands of hair to a whole entire baby she was out. It was such a miracle!
At 12:42, BABY JAEDYN WAS HERE!!! 7lbs and 13 oz and 19 inches long

She's BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE HER.. Luther is an incredible dad and I really couldn't ask for anybody else to Father my daughter. He is so much in love with her and is such a big help. We then changed rooms and got to spend every bit of time with her! We came home on Wed and spent a lot of time with her. She doesn't sleep much at night but that's ok, I can't wait to do so many things with her! I love my family so much!!