On Thursday night I was scheduled to go to the hospital to do a cervadill so that Friday morning I could be induced to have our baby.
Friday - March 9 2012 at 5:19 pm
Hallee Ann Hargrove was born
7lbs 2 oz and 19 in long.

(Hallee is pronounced with a short 'a' so it's not Haley it's Hallee - hope that makes since)

She's been such a joy to our family. And she's beautiful and we can't imagine life without her.
We've been asked a lot if Jaedyn had as much hair as Hallee has and the answer is
Yes - She did have as much hair and just as dark the only difference is Hallee's hair is more thick than Jaedyn's hair was/is.

It's weird how having 2 kids seems so natural. Yes, getting everyone ready is a lot of work maybe more time consuming but at the same time it seems like I've been doing it forever.

It's kind of funny how we always thought Jaedyn was so little and our baby but you forget how small newborns are. When we came home and saw Jaedyn and Hallee both Luther and I were like wow Jaedyn is a toddler. She's so big. She instantly looked differently in our eyes as far as features goes.

Jaedyn has been doing pretty good with Hallee. She was so excited when we got home and there was a baby! She quickly realized that having a baby takes a lot of time and attention so Jaedyn has gotten a little jealous where she doesn't want to 'share her blankets' anymore and she has started to act like a baby. She's funny! Luther has taken off work this whole week. So we're trying to give Jaedyn is getting a lot of extra attention so Jaedyn doesn't feel replaced or abandoned. That's the last thing I want - is for her to feel those things. Luckily this week is in the 70's and 80's so we're playing outside a lot.

I was telling Luther how natural it feels and how I feel much older than I am. 2 kids at 22. I don't feel young. I feel like a more mature family. I don't know how to really describe this feeling but I love the feeling. I love my family and I can't wait to continue to mother my children and to do it with my best friend, my love, my companion, my husband!

Some pics of our Hallee:

Right after delivery

Weighing 7lbs 2 oz

Our whole family

Jaedyn meeting Hallee for the first time

Hallee Ann Hargrove

So Jaedyn has started this demanding yelling NOW. And when she demands NOW I try to correct her with what she is asking by replacing the NOW with a please. Here's a few examples...

- Jaedyn is taking a bath and the bubbles has disappeared because she was in there for a while and she runs out of the bathtub and covers herself and I said 'are you done Jaedyn' she said 'no' then I said 'what are you doing' she replies with 'MORE BUBBLES NOW!'




- And we joke around with her calling her a turd when she's onery (which I now regret) So she asked me to do something (don't remember what) and she yells, 'NOW TURD!'

So even though I don't want her saying NOW and I always correct her and explain how that's not nice and we don't talk like that, it is and can be secretly funny!

I'll do a quick update on everything that's happened but then I would like to start being more current and up to date with everything. I'm really bad at keeping a journal but Jaedyn is just so funny and there's things I want to remember so I'm going to start putting stories, pictures, and reminders for my self and maybe one day I'll go back and record everything down or turn my blog into a book. But this post will be just an update on where life has been the last several months.

Well Jaedyn is growing like crazy! She is now 2. Oh man how time flies by: Here's a picture update :)

Johnson County Fair riding the Merry Go Round and she loved it! She was 19 mo.

She loves to help Pappy (grandpa) fix up his house

She's in the big girl bed

One of her favorite things to do is to color

For Halloween she was a cowgirl..Wasn't too crazy about the hat

Decorating the tree

Making our yearly gingerbread house

Sitting on Santa's lap. She HATES guys so that's why she was upset

For Jaedyn's birthday Dada and Mama took Jaedyn to Monkey Buizness and she LOVED it. It was her first time ever going and she threw the biggest fit of a life time when we left

This was a picture of Jaedyn at her birthday party. She LOVES Dora so it was a Dora themed party. She's wearing 'Dora's outfit'

We also did Family Pics

As you can see I'm very pregnant. We're about to welcome baby #2. Actually she's coming this next Friday. I'm going to the hospital on Thursday night and starting the induction. We're pretty excited we're having another girl!

Luther has been super busy with work. He has his full time business and in November he started his own business and it has been blowing up. We had no idea it would be so successful so fast! He's doing internet marketing for other businesses. He expected about 2 clients a month but just in January he got 9 new clients. He's got about 16 clients now and still getting calls like crazy. I'm so proud of him and his dedication to providing for our family.
He is also such an amazing dad and husband. With this pregnancy he has really stepped up and helped out with Jaedyn and house responsibilities. (I have really rough pregnancies)

So that's just a small update on our family! I'm going to try really hard to be better at updating! Mainly for myself so I can hold on tight to these memories and stories that are just too funny/cute/memorable :)