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You know what else I love....

This Girl!!

I want to express my love and appreciation for my Amazing Hubby!

We have been married for over a year and it's been the greatest year of my life! But, unfortunately there has been lots of trials people have thrown at us. But yet Luther keeps chugging along with a smile and accomplishes many things. There have been many times that I want to get angry and I want to seek revenge, but Luther is so humble and kind hearted that he always encourages me not too and not let it effect me personally.

I don't know what it is about my hubby, but he has made me who I am and he is a strong person. I want to thank him for every little thing he does for me. He always is so positive and all he cares about is his family! I love that so much of him. You know how people will say God won't give you something that you can't handle. I know that for a fact. Just watching Luther and him doing the right thing and always putting a smile on my face It just makes me filled with lots of Joy.

I'm so proud of him, and proud for him to be my husband and the father of my children. I'm so happy that he always brings the spirit in my home. I'm so grateful for the love he has for our daughter. He can come home to her crying, then he picks her up and she's happy. I'm also so grateful for the love he has for me.

You truly are a blessing to me and my family and my home! Thank You for all you do!

I love you honey!

For someone to be in my shoes, how can you not believe in God? Last night there was a huge storm. There was heavy winds, thundering, lightning, heavy rain and even worst some say it was a microburst and others say it was a tornado that didn't hit the ground. From my understanding a microburst is something that drops down and goes back up but what happened in this storm something traveled through Gardner that took out power, buildings and homes were shaking, took out windows, and the worst part it took out homes. The reason I say for someone to be in my shoes, how can you not believe in God this is why...

There are 5 streets on this side of the road with town homes at the end of all 5 streets. My street is the 4th street. The 5th street had tree damage and some roof damage, the 2nd and 3rd street had tree damage, the townhomes behind us has roof, window, and siding damage and the 1st street, is a tragic. This "microburst" "tornado" literally skipped our street we are right in the middle of it and there really is absolutely no damage at all to my street. The only thing that I've noticed was some mud got on my house. It looks like someone threw mud on my siding right above the garage. How could we be so lucky? How can someone not believe in God when your in my shoes?

I went down to the 1st street, there is siding torn off, roofs torn off, cars moved and colided into one another, tree's down, garages caved in and the worst one there's a house where the house came off the foundation so now that house is being condemned, They now are homeless but someone got them into a hotel because they can't stay in there house. I asked where I could help with cleaning and they had it all taken care of already. I then I asked does anyone need food or water and they said they had someone on there way for that. This was all by 11 o'clock. I love that I live in a community where people will help out.

There is this one house at the corner of a couple streets down who's fence went flying into the back of there house and it looks like a bunch of 2x4 were stabbing the house. It's just sticking into there house.

There has been people driving up and down my street all day to see what needs to be fixed they see nothing so they go to the next street. There has also been people parking at the end of our street to go walk to where the tragedy is to help clean because there is no closer parking because everyone is helping out. I'm so greatful to live in a loving, caring community.

I also love that I've had people call me, text me, email me just to make sure we are ok. I feel like we're important and cared about. I love and so grateful for people who have a willing heart.

Here are the pictures from the homes that were ruined on streets next to us and behind us:

I trully feel so blessed!!

For Mother's Day we had BBQ Ribs for dinner and I let her naw on the bones and a bit of meat. She was in HEAVEN! She loved them but then...I eventually took it away and she was MAD. I guess it's safe to say she's her momma's daughter because I LOVE BBQ!!!

:: mom ::
parent, cook, housekeeper, teacher, nurse, handy man
maid, security, coordinator, supervisor, manager,
secretary, nutritionist, caretaker, personal assistant,
life coach, book keeper, laundry maid, and taxi driver.
Does not get a paycheck, sick pay, or a day off.
On call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Not the easiest job ever but
MOST definatley the BEST job ever!
Lori Smith :: My mom! Always supportive, she loves her family very much, she's always there
for you when you need it. She has many talents and hobbies that has been a
blessing to me and MUCH MORE!!
Lu Ann Hargrove :: My mother-in-law! She is very kind and friendly and makes you feel
welcome. She raise a wonderful Man and I'm greatful for who he is because
he is a blessing to me, my home, and my family!
Kristin Walburger :: She was my young women's president who became a dear friend of mine.
She dedicated her time to us young women's who made an impact in my
life. She has been released for about 5 years and she still is in my life who
still cares for me and is there for me when I need her!
Stephanie Skeem :: She is also a dear friend to me. She has always been there to listen to me
when I needed to talk. She has been an influence to me through out my life
and I love to watch her. She's so kind and friendly. What a neat woman!
Rachael Rauber :: A mom to Jonathan, Luther and Rachael's son. She teaches and raises Jonathan the way he needs to be raised and she loves him so much and is a
great mom and has taught me many lessons in life! Happy Mother's Day!
Brenda Smith :: My grandma! She loves us and is always fun to visit with! You have put many smiles on my face!
I want to wish every mom out there a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve it! I hope each one of you get pampered and loved because this is your day to be appreciated for the things you do for your family!
I also am very greatful for being a mom! Jaedyn has been a blessing to me and I can't wait to be a mom to my future children! It is the best thing ever, being a mom and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Watching the Calf's!!
Feeding the Goats!! I didn't even guide her hand she did it on her own...Although I know she didnt know what she was doing BUT
that's not the point :)
What a DAY!!!