We have this stair case that has about 13 stairs and Jaedyn knows how to go up the stairs but doesn't know how to come down sooo I have to put up a gate. You'd think that would work....BUT I guess I thought WRONG!!! See my little stinker:

My Staircase

My smart-stinkerish Baby

The last picture cracks me up because she gives me that look that says:
HMM, Look what I can do Mom!!

Gotta love it!!

The Best Husband of the Year goes to ::
Luther Hargrove

Why you ask???
Because he bought me these things ::


Kitchen Aid Mixer

New Phone

I am the luckiest girl EVER!!!

I love you honey!!

Jaedyn's 1st Halloween was so much fun!! Although I know baby's 1st Halloween is more for the mom's than the babies because they don't know what's going on, BUT I do know that Jaedyn had fun and she was SOO Cute!!


My little Zebra

Jaedyn and Momma

Jae's little Halloween Basket

Such a heart melting picture!! I just love the way they are looking at each other

Trick-or Treat

We went to the church's trunk or treat and she was exhausted by the end, she only went to about 5 cars but she started walking the same day so she walked the whole thing :)
What a trooper!