I wish I had pictures but I don't. But Memorial Day we went out to the family farm and had a BBQ. Man, it was good! I'm defiantly a true American. I love BBQ, I love Grilling, I love to eat, I love America!

Well we had a BBQ, went swimming in the lake, played bad-mitten, croquet and visited. It was nice to be around the cousins. But my most favorite thing was going to Luther's grandfather's grave. It looked like nobody has been there in A LONG TIME. Sad I know. We put flower's on his grave. But there was such a peaceful feeling when we approached the grave, not only did I feel it but so did Luther. He served in the military and we went to pay our respects, and after all he is family.

Luther has such high respects for him, I know Luther loves him, he talks about him all the time, Luther admires him so much that I hope one day our grand kids will admire Luther the way Luther admires his grandfather.

I can't wait to meet him one day in the after life, because from what I hear he was a great man, and Luther is so proud of his heritage and it is so important to him, for that I am grateful for him and his heritage that I know for a fact that our children will be taught about there heritage and to be taught to love and respect and to be proud of that.