Luther was teaching Jaedyn how to drive her car. She thought it was the coolest thing ever! She doesn't have it quite down but almost!

I can't seem to get over how CUTE my babies are!!!
Not to mention AMAZING!!!

Christmas is my MOST favorite time of the year and my MOST favorite holiday! The baking, music, shopping for everyone, the decorations, service for others, and remembering the Savior Jesus Christ and his birth!

Here is one of the traditions. Us putting up the tree. We've been lucky. Jaedyn doesn't touch it. She will get really close and look, especially at night when we have the lights on. BUT she does steal the presents from underneath the tree. She doesn't know she can open them so she doesn't luckily but she does steal them and take off!

She loved this! Playing with the bulbs and helping daddy by handing them to him!

We had Thanksgiving at the farm this year with the Hinds/Hargrove's and it was really fun!!
Games, Food, & Talking!!!

Jaedyn having a fun time playing with a bunch of 'new to her toys!
P.S. I made her bow and her shirt! I'm really proud of it

Jaedyn having the time of her life

4 Generation Picture! So glad to have this.
Great Grandma Doris, Grandpa Jim, Dad Luther, & Jaedyn

We have this stair case that has about 13 stairs and Jaedyn knows how to go up the stairs but doesn't know how to come down sooo I have to put up a gate. You'd think that would work....BUT I guess I thought WRONG!!! See my little stinker:

My Staircase

My smart-stinkerish Baby

The last picture cracks me up because she gives me that look that says:
HMM, Look what I can do Mom!!

Gotta love it!!

The Best Husband of the Year goes to ::
Luther Hargrove

Why you ask???
Because he bought me these things ::


Kitchen Aid Mixer

New Phone

I am the luckiest girl EVER!!!

I love you honey!!

Jaedyn's 1st Halloween was so much fun!! Although I know baby's 1st Halloween is more for the mom's than the babies because they don't know what's going on, BUT I do know that Jaedyn had fun and she was SOO Cute!!


My little Zebra

Jaedyn and Momma

Jae's little Halloween Basket

Such a heart melting picture!! I just love the way they are looking at each other

Trick-or Treat

We went to the church's trunk or treat and she was exhausted by the end, she only went to about 5 cars but she started walking the same day so she walked the whole thing :)
What a trooper!

We were at my parents house and she saw a banana pepper and she grabbed it and started gnawing on it...

Once she finally bit through was her first initial reaction...

It didn't stop her from eating it some more..

Finally it's the Holiday Season!! I love Holiday's and Christmas is my favorite but I do love the Holiday season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, THEN Christmas!!! And now, I love Holidays SOOO much more, now that I have a family of MY own. I can now start making my own family traditions (which I love family traditions) I'm so ECSTATIC!!! I also love that Jaedyn is a very smart girl and advanced that I'm going to celebrate like there's never going to be another Holiday. We're going to Party it up and craft!! I have goals to make it very festive as well!! So the first Holiday that Jaedyn is aware of what's going on (may not know what's going on but is very aware and wants to help wherever she can)

So let the Festivities BEGIN ::
1st thing she experienced was her very OWN 1st Pumpkin!!!
(can you tell I'm excited)

This is how it went ::
I gave her a choice of 6 different colors of tempra paint. I put them in a row and I let her pick 3. She was very patient she picked one color and I took it, then another, and another. So stinkin cute because it was like she knew what to do ;)
Then we stripped her down to her diaper and went outside and this is what happened ::

Off to the bath we went!!!

Isn't she SOOO stinkin' CUTE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

We have this gate upstairs that is pretty awesome and it was here when we bought the house. Well anyways, I was working upstairs so Jaedyn was up there and I had to run downstairs for a quick second. And this is what I came too...LOL

She was doing her high pitch sound SCREAM!!

We went to Cider Fest...Jaedyn, Me, Amber, Shelby, and Nana!
There's not a lot to say about it except Jaedyn had fun and so did I taking so many pictures.

I'm a picture-a-holic. And I want a Really good camera...One day!

Normally, Jaedyn isn't cuddly when she wakes up!
Normally, she's crazy hyper!
But this time she was super cute and cuddly when she woke up.
And seriously look how SWEET she is:

Granted she did have McDonald's fries!!

Luther got all 4 wisdom teeth out and he swelled up really bad...Hilarious, I must say! They gave him medication that made him EXTREMELY loopy. It was really funny at first I did think he was milking it but I quickly realized not true! He was HILARIOUS!! He can't say that I don't love him because the first day he had to put new gauze in his mouth that would drench in seconds. Yes, that's right I put my fingers putting gauze in his bloody mouth. It was gross but the things a wife and mom will do for there family and I wouldn't take back what I did for him because I love him!

Icing his mouth

Sleeping...His medicine made him so relaxed that he slept a lot

Swollen Face!!

I will say though, seeing and knowing what happened (drilling and such, Luther called it a mini jack hammer) and the after effects (pain) I DO NOT want to get my wisdom teeth out...Only time will tell I guess