So Jaedyn is a real Hoot!  She makes us laugh so much all day, everyday.  So here are a few recent ones that make us laugh.

- Emma, (Luther's sister) moved in the other day and Emma took over Jaedyn's room and when Aunt Emma moved in Jaedyn happened to be at Nana's house.  She comes home and eventually makes her way upstairs and saw her room and with attitude and all dramafied Jaedyn (who is 2 1/2 I might add) said, "WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE?" I told her Emma moved in and is staying in your room "OH MY GOODNESS"  - Let me add that she was extremely dramatic about it

-So Jaedyn is terrified by men (except her dada, pappy, and grandpa) I don't know why she is but she always has been.  For example she was only 6 months old and we were at a chinese buffet restraunt and she was sitting in a highchair and there was this cute 80 year old man in a brown suit and he waved at her and said hi and Jaedyn freaked out.  So that's just an example of how she is terrified by men.  So last week we went to WalMart and as we were walking in there was a guy who was walking out and she looked at him and yelled MONSTER

-We were watching Shark Week on Netflix and only really watched 1/2 an episode and she caught on to what Sharks were and that they were scary because while we were watching it and she keeps saying EEEWWW!!! OHH NOOOOO! Shark COMING! OHH NOOO, He's gonna bite em' He's gonna bite em'!! Uh- OH!!! Oh NO, what happened?!? Luckily there were no nightmares that night but now sometimes she will say put your feet up the Sharks' going to get you.

-I told Jaedyn the other day that we needed to go and she said, "Hang on" because she wanted to see this one part in the movie she was watching - I'm gonna be in trouble one day because she's going to give me a run for my money

-Jaedyn has been using Monsters and Sharks as an excuse to not do things, such as go potty, pick toys up, throw things in the trash etc. etc.

-Some times, Quite often I'll tell Jaedyn to do something and she doesn't want to do it she will say in a dramatic voice, saying, "OH, Come Onnnnn"  -  It's pretty hilarious

So as you can see she gives me a run for my money and she makes us laugh even if I shouldn't be laughing it does make us laugh even if it is kept to ourselves

 5 1/2 months later and....(DUN DUN DUN) My baby can finally sit.  She still can't roll because of her chubby-ness and she hates being on her tummy but she can sit! YAY!  She's much happier now because she can function a little bit more on her own.

 And the girls can play together!  AWWW! LOVE THEM!

 Tears were flowing! My baby girl who is 2 1/2 got her first hair cut.  Well actually it was more like a trim where it was only 1/2 an inch.  Her ends were feeling wirey so I had to get her hair trimmed and it was sooo hard but it turned out to be all ok!

 And then there was Hallee.  Hallee came out with a ton of thick hair and started to get too long.  I swore I would never give my girls bangs but Hallee's hair line is pretty high up and the bangs would poke her in her eye and it looked funny if I didn't pull her bangs down.  So I had the hair lady cut her bangs.  I didn't want to do it because I didn't want to screw it up.  So this was super hard and took a lot of contemplating on if I should give her bangs and I did it.  :(  But it actually turned out cute and I think it will be better and hopefully one day (hopefully near future) Her hair line will lower so she doesn't have to have bangs...Although it is still super cute!

 Jonathan turned 4 this last August and my oh my! That's so crazy!  We can't believe he's already that big/old.  We kicked Luther out for the afternoon so we could decorate for Jonathan's 'party'.  We don't have any contact with Jonathan and that's sad, heartbreaking, and unfortunate but we respect his mom and her choices and one day one of 2 things will happen. 
1 - Jonathan will be of age and want to know who is biological dad is and who his sisters are; or;
2 - Our girls who will be raised to know who their brother is will want to meet Jonathan and they will search out for him and we will help them find Jonathan
So anyways, we tried to find out what Jonathan was into so we can have the party themed to what he's into but his mom didn't respond so we went with the theme Dinosaurs. 

 I know that the cupcake creature doesn't look like a dinosaur but it was the best we could do with the amount of cupcakes we had
 Since Jonathan wasn't with us and we don't have a way to send him birthday presents we still get the present and we sing Happy Birthday to Jonathan and Jae blew out the candle and opened the presents.  He got a bunch of dinosaurs and alphabet magnets!
We love you Jonathan! Love Your daddy Luther, Selena and your 2 sisters Jaedyn and Hallee!

What is seriously cuter than 'matching-sisters'.  Luther and I went on a date and we went shopping for family pictures and Luther saw these pajamas and had to get them for the babes.  THEY are so FRICKIN' CUUUTE!!

I LOVE fair week! It's always the 2nd week of August.  This is the first year that Jaedyn had an idea of what was going on and could ride rides, play games, and really understand the animals..  Luther and I always look forward to the homemade root beer, Suzy-Q fries, and this year I even tried the BBQ sandwich and boy was it YUMMY!

The other day I told her we would go see the animals, and so during the day we went to go see the animals.  I think it was Tuesday.  (Fair Week is Mon-Sat) So we went to see the animals and it was a HUGE diss appointment because the animals didn't come until Wednesday afternoon and Jaedyn was devastated as we walked to the car...She cries...I wanna see the animals, I wanna see the animals...And that's all I heard for the rest of the day. 

We went to the fair, Thurs, Fri, and Sat and saw the parade.  It was so fun!

We saw the animals played a few games and rode rides.  You know the swinging ride that takes you up super high and super fast.  Yep! Jae loved it.  She even kept telling us to, "Put your hands up" and yell "WEEEE".  Bitter Sweet that Jae is fearless.  It's Sweet that she has fun with rides and such and not being scared but very Bitter on the fact who knows what else he'll be willing to do.

 I took the picture of Jae in this ride, "The swinging ride that goes super high and fast" But I did ride with her.

Hallee going for the ride but she was way too small to know/understand what was going on.  Can't wait til she's older so the girls can enjoy this stuff together!

 On July 8th our beautiful baby girl was given a name and a blessing by her amazing dada!  She's such a sweet baby girl and we love her soo much! 
 We got her dress pretty big so this late fall/early winter she can wear the dress at our family sealing. 

 Our family!  Can't believe we have 2 beautiful girls! LOVE them!!
What a lucky girl Hallee is! We had our whole family there from both sides of the family.  So many people showed up just to see her blessed! We are lucky to have everyone show up just to see Hallee blessed!