My baby rolled over for the first time today...It's very bitter sweet...She's growing up way to fast

1 - When I was pregnant Jaedyn would kick all the time and it would hurt but it was constant that I became immune to it. There were times Luther and I would be laying down and Luther would feel her kick and I wouldn't react and he would say, "Selena did you feel that" and I said no. I became immune to it.

2 - From the time we were in the hospital with Jae she would be able to stand up. The doctors even commented how impressed they were when she stood up.

3 - She loves the bath so much that she kicks and splashes, it's a lot of fun to see her so excited.

4 - In the bouncy seat she kicks so much that she will push herself all the way down where half her body is hanging off the bouncy seat. I have to strap her in it now. The other day she was in it and this little baby girl I watch was sitting in front of her and looking at her and all of a sudden she was crying so I looked at her and Jaedyn has kicked herself half off her bouncy seat and she was kicking the baby girl in the face.

5 - Recently she started pulling her feet straight up when she's playing with her play mat and she kicks the dangly toys...

6 - It's really funny at times when she will pull her legs straight up and then she'll slam them down almost like a body slam only with her legs. She will repeat that over and over

7 - Last night, she was in her bassinet and I heard her kicking a bunch and she had kicked her legs on top of the bassinet and was lifting her body. So tonight I'm going to have to put her in the crib for the first time tonight. I'm so sad, but I know it's safer.

8 - I've always wanted to put my girls in dance and with her strong legs I know she will be an excellent dancer

Luther and I were discussing about flowers to put in our garden, and he want to use seeds and I want to use the one's you buy that's already bloomed. The reason I want to use the ones already bloomed was because I think they work 110% better and he said the seeds will work just as good...So here's the conversation:

Luther: Give me a garden and I will use the seeds

Selena: You can have the one by the Fire Pit.

Luther: Ok, You'll see it's going to work just as good

Selena: Ok...We'll see

We went to the store and was buying flower seeds for his garden and the conversation went like this:

Luther: (gets 6 white packets of seeds) I got my seeds!

Selena: Your getting all white? No color?

Luther: (He goes back to the seeds and picks out flowers) Here's a blue flower....Here's a white flower...Now I need a red flower

Selena: HA! Seriously! (I thought to myself, it's going to match our flag)

Luther: Oh these are kinda different

Selena: Those are ugly

Luther: (Grabs the flowers) Got my flowers!

Selena: You don't need 2 packets of each that's 6 packets of flowers...Your garden is tiny

Luther: It's my garden!

HA! The competition is on! I hope your seeds work but, It's on!!! LOVE YOU

Luther's Garden

Luther was holding her and he had to change to go to soccer practice for Corporate Challenge for his work and as soon as she got in my hands this was her reaction:
I think it's safe to say that she wanted her dad and not her mom!
Luther is one heck of a dad!!!

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, which is tomorrow!
We took Jaedyn with us and since she loves baths we were hoping she would love the pool.
She did enjoy it, but she was also cold, she was shivering like crazy so we got out quickly.
I can't wait to take her to the pool this summer, She's going to love it...
Here are some pics of our adventures in the pool

On Sunday will be our 1 year anniversary, I can't believe how time has flown by so fast. We have accomplished more things this 1st year than most couples can do in that time and I can't wait to accomplish a life time of accomplishments with my Best Friend, My Husband, My love, Luther!

I'm the happiest, luckiest girl around to have someone like him. He is hard working, he wants nothing more than to provide for our family, he has lots of goals for the future and is always working towards them! He is an amazing dad and loves his children more than life itself! He is always playing and loving on Jaedyn. (Jonathan lives with his mom) He knows how to make her laugh and she gets excited every time he is around. He knows how to make me laugh. He's so caring, and lovable! He is always compassionate! He loves the gospel so much! He is my best friend and cares for me and loves me and he lets me know how much he loves me, Everyday! I'm just very lucky!

Here are some of the things that we as a couple and best friends have accomplished in the first year of marriage:

1-We got married April 18 2009. Luther has been married previously in the temple and so there is a process to get remarried in the temple. So we went a head and got married in the Ottawa Ward Chapel. We have to wait a full year before we can start the process of getting married in the temple. So we are going to be able to start the process and it's a very long process, so we're hoping to get married in the temple this summer/early fall. I can't wait to be sealed to my best friend and be eternal companions.

2-We have a honeymoon souvenir...We got pregnant on our wedding night. Which we were super excited. I actually didn't know I was pregnant for a while. Luther was sick for about 3 weeks and then I started getting sick, so I was sure I was getting what Luther had, but sure enough it was morning sickness only it wasn't only in the morning It was all day everyday for 23 weeks. When I took the pregnancy test Luther was at work and it was one of those lined ones and when I saw it, I was pretty sure it said positive since those lines are sometimes hard to read. Luther got home and we went and bought another pregnancy test only this time it was a digital one and there were 2 in the box so I took them both and they both said pregnant. YAY! We were pregnant and it was very exciting!

3-I grew up around dogs my whole life and I absolutely love dogs! So in July we got a puppy. He is a German Shepard, Lab, Malamute mix. He is such a good dog and lovable dog who potty trained quickly and we named him Rosco.

4-Luther got a raise! He got a 7%raise and it was nice to have the extra money to rely on.

5-We lived in a one bedroom apartment that cost way to much for what the apartment offered. One day Luther came up to me and said we should consider buying a house. So I got a Realtor, (whom we loved) and we started the process. We looked at about 7 diff houses and there were 2 houses we loved. We loved a different one more but it ended up just coming off the market so we got the house we are in now. It's a perfect first house! It's 2 story, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths in a cul-de-sac and it is just PERFECT!! We are slowly doing little improvements on it too! Like painting or building flower and vegetable gardens!

6-We were able to afford, for me to quit my job 3 weeks before I was due with baby Jaedyn so that I can be a stay at home mom.

7-Jaedyn was born at 12:42pm!! January 11 2010..7lbs 13oz and 19in long...I went into pre-labor on the 9th went to the hospital on the 10th and she was born on the 11th. She is such a great blessing to us!

8-With our tax return we were able to pay off lots of little bills and also all of the hospital bills for Jaedyn being born! Wow, didn't know baby birth is so much money but at the same time I'm very grateful that it is payed off!

9-Luther got a job transfer and making lots more money! What a blessing it is to us!

10-I started a daycare and we do lots of fun things..We didn't need the extra money but it is definitely helpful.

11-We've done lots of little things all within this year as well, such as family outings, building on our yard, Spending time together, Celebrating holidays and much more...

12-I'm so lucky and proud to say that Luther is my husband! He respects and loves me and treats me with kindness and he is just the BEST and SO AMAZING!!


We went to a family reuinion in Beloit, KS and we stopped at my grandma's grave. She kept staring although she was probably looking at the flowers. I kept thinking I wonder if she remembers her, I know my grandma took great care of her!

I really wanted a generation picture but since my grandma isn't here we took one with her grave I know she was there in spirit.
At the family reuinion we took a geration picture with my grandma's brother and sisters!
(Aunt Lois, Uncle Darrell, Aunt Leota, Mom, Me, Jaedyn)
This is such a neat family, I can't wait to do there work one day, I know they will accept the gospel in the after life.

So when Twilight first started and came out in theaters, I told myself I wouldn't watch Twilight or New Moon or any related movie. I told myself it was stupid and I didn't want to be some crazy Twilight Guru. Seriously all I heard was Edward fan or Jacob fan? What has this series done to you guys. When my sister, Amber (who does not like to read at all) decided to read the books, I couldn't believe it. Something had to be sooo Amazing of this series for her to read the books. I still told my self I will not be a crazy Twilight Fan.

I decided to see what people are so crazy about this series and ordered Twilight and New Moon off of Netflix. AND SERIOUSLY NEW MOON ENDS JUST LIKE THIS. I don't want to read the books because I don't want it to be ruined and I just hate reading. But seriously, that's how it ends!!!

I guess I am now one of those crazy Twilight fans and I will be going to see Eclipse in theaters. By the way I am DEFINATLEY a Edward fan :)

Luther has this fedish with making videos on youtube and posting them, he likes to trick people by putting a song with the video that doesn't make since with the video, he keeps singing learn to use your toothbrush, but it's really fun to see him so entertained...So here is the lastest....

Well, we sent Jonathan his easter package on Tuesday and we got the notification email that he recieved it yesterday! I hope he really has fun with the bubbles, playdough, playing catch, and eating his scrumptous m&m's. We love you!