Today is Jonathan's 3rd Birthday! We may not be able to celebrate his birthday with him but we still celebrated his birthday together as a family! We got a cake and decorated it with a car and we sang the traditional song, Happy Birthday!!

We're going to make it a tradition from here on out to celebrate Luther's son's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!!

We love you!!
Dad, Selena and your sissy Jaedyn

This last weekend we went to Oklahoma to celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party and I got to make the cake. I'm really excited about it because one day I would like to sell cakes. This is my VERY 1st CAKE (tier'd) EVER!

I'm super excited about it. I think I did a really good job for being my first! It definately could be better but I did learn a lot and it was A LOT of fun!

I tried to smooth it out but I have an idea for next time I make a tier'd cake :) Or a cake for that matter that needs some smoothing out :)

Playing a little 'Catch Up'
I know I haven't updated in a while so I'm putting pictures of up over the last several months.

Beginning of April it was one of the nice days! And Jae was so excited to play outside and play with some bubbles

Jaedyn giving her dada kisses! She loves him!

Easter! This was actually pretty funny! In Jaedyn's Easter basket there were toys and candy and different items. She immediately saw the mini m&m's and grabbed them right away and that was the only thing she cared about. LOL

We colored eggs the night before Easter and she had a blast until....

We were done and she cried!

In April we also celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We decided to go to coco keys water resort and take Jae with us. It was a lot of fun!

One day in May, I took Jae to Deana Rose, and she had a lot of fun, but every time we passed water she would try to get into it, hence the trying to climb through the

She loved the goats!

For my birthday Luther bought me a puppy. Her name is Bella and Jaedyn loves her. She's always playing with her and trying pick her up, and if she can't find her she says, "Bewa! Bewa!" looking for her. It's so cute!

Jaedyn is always doing something crazy but she's soo cute!! And she never keeps her hair in, (drives me crazy) I literally do her hair ATLEAST 3x a day

I love this picture!! Doesn't she look sweet!

Jaedyn and Luther just being silly :)
I love them tons!

I am so amazed at how much Jaedyn is changing! It makes me excited to know that soon I can do lots of fun things with her (preschool, potty train, go to zoo, go to the pool, etc.) BUT I'm so sad that she's getting big so fast...So it's very bittersweet. I'm going to list some of the adventures:

1 - Jaedyn has an old phone and she wants nothing to do with it unless the battery is charged so it can light up and make sound, (otherwise she wants our phones) So we keep it charged but took the sim card out. But there is still an 'emergency call' button. So the other day she pushes the button and a guy answered and Jaedyn says, 'HI, DADA!!!' with so much excitement. It was so cute and funny :) I finally threw the phone away because of the several 'emergency' calls. Luckily nobody came out.

2 - Our couches have a gap from the floor to the bottom of the couch. So anyways, Jaedyn says, "UH-OH, UH-OH, UH-OH" and gets on her tummy and looks underneath the couch and stands back up and put's her hands up and says, "Where'd it go?"...I know she was looking for the phone.

3 - Jaedyn figured out how to open the child proof safety locks on my kitchen drawers. "What, SERIOUSLY" Yep, I'm in trouble.

4 - Jaedyn also learned how to stand on the chairs, Yep, trouble x2

5 - We've colored here at home maybe like 5x and we were at the doctors office and she went to the coloring station and said color! So now every time she sees crayons she says, color!

6 - We went visiting teaching to a new lady and I told Jaedyn to say Bye-bye and so she puckers her lips up and wants to give this lady a kiss. Cute, huh!?!?!

7 - Every night in the last week or so, I tell Jaedyn to tell her daddy night-night, so she goes to her dada and says night-night and puckers up her cute little lips.

8 - Sometimes, when Jaedyn gets in to something I have to smack her and tell her no, so she hits me back, or anytime I tell her no she raises her hand up at me. I know she doesn't know what she's doing since she's started repeating everything. So anybody have ideas how to redirect her when she's getting into something she's not supposed to do.

9 - Jaedyn likes to try and put her shoes on all the time, and she concentrates really hard.

A couple things about Luther and I

10 - Luther has started back up MMA training, it takes a lot of time but we can't wait til he gets a fight

11 - I can't wait for spring so I can plant our gardens (vegetable, and flower)

12 - The trees are becoming popcorn trees but the weather isn't matching it, can it be nice out already.

13 - I've started this new diet/excercise thing and I've lost 3.2 lbs in 3 days, that's right 3 days! That's a little over a lb a day!!! I hope I keep losing a lb a day. That would be amazing!!! because when I lose my weight I'm going to have a shopping spree. Where I'm going to look good and have cute clothes again, and I'm going to get me some RED High Heels, like I've always wanted...and I'm going to try and convince Luther to take me to the beach, yep that's right, a vacation!

This week was a crazy busy week BUT very productive!
I love weeks like those don't you?!?
I know I do!!!

So I've been really trying to build a food storage and I know it's not canning season but I've been craving to can...SO I bought some items to can to go into my food storage. I was canning chicken but I kinda had a bad experience and the pressure cooker exploded because we're assuming it got too hot in there and it evaporated the water in the pressure cooker AND in the jars.
So because of the explosion it ruined the chicken. But I do want to try it again sometime!

I canned Beef Chunks/Stew Meat...Looks good it turned out so good.
I love this one meal where it's Beef Chunks and Brown Gravy over mashed potatoes. I know sounds simple but it's so good...So if you want a simple recipe there it is. :) And I can of course use the Beef Chunks in Beef Stew..So pretty accomplished there
I had to get another Pressure Cooker

I also canned 58 pints of beans! That's a lot!
I did Black Beans, Kidney Bean, Great Northern Beans, and Pinto Beans.
I actually hate eating beans UNLESS it's in my Chili and I have the best Chicken White Chili that consists of all 4 beans. So, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

So the canning took me 3 days to do that.

Thursday was St Patrick's Day and Luther took off and we went to the Kansas City Parade.
The parade itself was cool BUT the experience was crazy. There were literally thousands of people there. You could barely move and we even got there a little bit early and we still were WAY in the back. But overall it was pretty fun :)

I also painted my dining room and hallway. I originally started to just do touch ups but didn't realize I didn't have any paint to do so I had to go get some more and took some of the old paint with me for them to touch up. There were tons of places that needed touched up all over the walls, so I started to touch up paint. So I woke up the next morning only to see 2 toned paint all over my walls. There was no way around it other than RE-PAINTING! It was pretty annoying but the end results ended up a better paint job and a better yellow. So I'm happy with the results :) The pic below isn't my dining room but it's the same yellow I have :)

So these projects weren't the only things I did because of course there's the normal life. Taking care of my daughter and making dinners, the daily clean up and then my detailed cleaning on Friday. After I got done painting I kinda did a minor spring cleaning!
So this week has been crazy busy but very productive!

The other day it was really nice out and so I wanted to take Jae out. She is always pounding on the door to go out. So I took her little car out and she rode on it, we went on a little walk in our to our neighbors house and we played tag. She was having a blast!

This year I'm getting her a sandbox, a slide, and swing. We're going to have so much fun! I'm so ready for it to be nice out all the time because we're going to be having much fun in the sun.
Park, Pool, Deana Rose, Zoo, and much fun!

Jaedyn is so funny! I just got done sweeping and put the broom away back in the laundry room. I go upstairs real quick to find Jaedyn sweeping! LOL
Love her!!

This is about 1 1/2 months late but Jaedyn turned 1! Can you believe it?!?! She turned one so fast! I'm dreading for how fast the next 17 years goes. Can I just keep this age forever! Minus the tantrums :) She is so fun and independent. She is constantly on the go go go! She's been running since 9 months, Yep, I'm in trouble :)

We are expecting baby #2 on Sept 7th. We're so happy and excited!

Can I just say I'm the luckiest girl on earth! I'm so grateful for the life I have. My life has been so great! I have so much I have my amazing hubby and my beautiful baby girl and a baby on the way! I have a house that we own! We own 2 cars! I'm a stay at home mom that doesn't have to work! I have good family! I have good friends! Luther has a wonderful job! We are really close to start the temple process! I just don't have anything negative to say (which I'm glad) But I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't feel like there's any complaints and life is so good that I'm speechless!

It is too bad that Jonathan isn't around in person but he's here in our hearts and spirit! We both love him and can't wait til one day when he becomes apart of us. It may be when he's 18 or it may be sooner (hopefully)

I'm so grateful for how amazing of a dad Luther is! Jaedyn cries when he leaves for work. He is so great with her there best friends and I can't wait to have this new baby! Our life just keeps getting better.

Pretty soon (we're hoping by end of February) we'll be able to start the process for the temple. I am a little worried about how Rachael will be. I hope she won't make things complicated. Because when she gets married again she's going to need Luther to be cooperative. And I just hope we're all mature adults.

I'm a stay at home mom! How amazing is that! I get to play with Jaedyn all day! We clean together, play together, sing together! She is such a crack-up! She even has these dance moves where I don't even know where she got them. I can't wait to put her in dance! And can you believe it Jaedyn is 1 on Tuesday! Holy Smokes, where has the time gone?!?!

I'm sure Luther is lovin' this but I make hot breakfast everyday and home cooked dinners every night with the exception of Fridays! :)

Life is just so good! Not many 21 year olds have what I have and I'm just thrilled and excited to see what's to come! I love you Luther, Jonathan, Jaedyn, and our new baby!!

Surprisingly Jaedyn wasn't freaking out! We went to Brass Pro Shop for her to see Santa and she did great! They have all kinds of activities for kids and I can't wait til next year for her to do all the activities!

Every year the Smith Family has this tradition where you decorate your own gingerbread house but once your married you have to share and it becomes a competition with all the other houses/couples/people!

Luther and Selena's house

Jaedyn and her licorice :)

Boom Town Baby! Our Awesome house!
And Shelby's house

Mom and Dad's

Austin and Amber's

Cody, Adam, and Brittany