Today Jaedyn turned 6 weeks and it is time to celebrate!!! I took her and got her ears pierced!

She only cried for 30 seconds, the pic looks much worst than what it really was

Tonight she's a little fussy but not to bad, She's happy if she has her pacifier but if she spits it out then she's fussy. She's never been a baby where she just HAD to have her pacifier, so she doesn't keep it in her mouth long enough. I'm glad she's never HAD to have her pacifier all the time although times like this I wish she would keep it in her mouth, that's ok though because...

I still love her!!

This morning Jaedyn was laying on the bed propt up on Luther's pillow as he was getting ready for work. While Luther was getting ready he kept coming over to Jaedyn and was playing and singing with her. She was smiling so BIG that we thought we might get her first laugh, (but no cigar). While Luther would go back to the bathroom to fix his hair, Jaedyn would stare at him. He kept coming over and playing with her. But he left the room to go down stairs, she started crying hard, he came back into the room and she stopped crying immediately, then he left for good to go to work, and she was so sad she started crying again as she was staring at the door.

She loves her Daddy, and I'm so glad that she can recognize him since she only sees him at nights!