I LOVE to can! Canning meat, beans, fruit, jelly's, broth, etc. etc.  So I've been wanting to go berry picking but since this summer has been insanely hot berries were to be picked earlier than normal and were done early where you couldn't go picking.  I decided to go towards the end of berry season but unfortunately when I called berries were done for the year due to the heat.  So I knew Peach season was coming up soon and so I called the Peach Farm and guess what! Peaches were ready!  They were sooo yummy and juicy that I had to stop myself from eating them because I wanted to can peaches. 

 So we went to the peach farm and I've never been peach picking before so I didn't know how big peach trees were.  Well they are short trees full of peaches.  Jaedyn was able to reach the peaches and pick them as well!  Isn't she soo cute!


Putting the peaches in the bag

And BOY were those peaches D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!

So these are the peaches we canned! It was quite the process! I wouldn't ever recommend going to go peach picking and then can them.  Because it was pretty expensive...however...if I ever have a peach tree (which one day when I have a yard I will be planting me a peach tree or two along with a cherry tree and whatever others I want) I will be canning lots of yummy peaches!

 Luther and his siblings put together a beach volleyball team.  There were games every Friday at 8pm for 2 months to play different teams of volleyball.  Since I am sooo not athletic I just went to watch.  We would go to IHOP after games and visit.  Unfortunately, there were multiple games that Luther had to work and couldn't go but when we did go it was a lot of fun!

 Each team had to come up with a team name.  Luther's team name was Destroyers but all the other teams picked pretty perverted name, kinda comical but kinda awkward; like: Balls to the Face, or Snetty Balls.  HA! But anyways it was a fun time when we went!

 This year for the 4th we didn't do very much but what we did do was spend good time as a family.  Luther had the day off! YAY for paid holidays!  But we just hung out, went and got fireworks, and had a BBQ with Luther's family then did fireworks with the kiddos! 

 My sweet baby girls all festive in their 4th gear!

 The kiddos doing their fireworks!