Luther was teaching Jaedyn how to drive her car. She thought it was the coolest thing ever! She doesn't have it quite down but almost!

I can't seem to get over how CUTE my babies are!!!
Not to mention AMAZING!!!

Christmas is my MOST favorite time of the year and my MOST favorite holiday! The baking, music, shopping for everyone, the decorations, service for others, and remembering the Savior Jesus Christ and his birth!

Here is one of the traditions. Us putting up the tree. We've been lucky. Jaedyn doesn't touch it. She will get really close and look, especially at night when we have the lights on. BUT she does steal the presents from underneath the tree. She doesn't know she can open them so she doesn't luckily but she does steal them and take off!

She loved this! Playing with the bulbs and helping daddy by handing them to him!

We had Thanksgiving at the farm this year with the Hinds/Hargrove's and it was really fun!!
Games, Food, & Talking!!!

Jaedyn having a fun time playing with a bunch of 'new to her toys!
P.S. I made her bow and her shirt! I'm really proud of it

Jaedyn having the time of her life

4 Generation Picture! So glad to have this.
Great Grandma Doris, Grandpa Jim, Dad Luther, & Jaedyn