We went on our 1st Family Vacation:

1. We decided to go visit my grandparents who live in Oklahoma since they can't travel and they love Jae so much already. They have bought her books, clothes, baby dolls, and a plaque so we really felt that it was important to go visit them so they could meet Jaedyn.

2. We only had to stop 3 times...1-to grab something to eat on our way out...2-fill up on gas...3-to stop and feed Jae. She only made us stop once and I was pretty extatic because she did so good on the trip, we got there in 5.5 hours

3. When we got to my grandparents my Grandma just loved on her and then my Grandpa held her and he was so happy and so in-love with his 1st Great Grandchild that all he could do was laugh it was PRICELESS

4. We went to sleep and we took Jae's bouncy seat she wasn't a fan of it, she woke up more than normal and we slept on the floor. It was very uncomfortable.

5. We got up and got ready and my Grandpa made us breakfast. It's been a long time since I've had a home cooked Breakfast, and it was mighty GOOD

6. We then went to the Zoo but first of all Map Quest seriously had some issues both getting to Oklahoma and again getting to the Zoo

7. Since Map Quest told us wrong directions we past a street and I yelled LUTHER RD. as we were going through the light intersection. So of course Luther was like What, Did I miss something, when really I was talking about that's what the road was called, Luther Rd. (We laughed about that for a while)

8. We got lost getting to the zoo but found it eventually. We had a Great Time..Jae was a little fussy. It was suppose to be sunny but instead it was gloomy and temps dropped then it rain luckiy right after we left.

9. We didn't get through the whole zoo since it was so big, but it was so fun going with my family and Jaedyn is so alert now that she would just stare at the animals even when they moved her eyes would follow them.

10. My Grandpa is huge into gardening and canning and he gave me a lot of tips. I can't wait for next weekend when I plant my garden :) He also gave me a pressure cooker and hot bath pot.

11. We left about 9 at night and got home about 3. I drove half way home and I never realized how much I HATE HATE HATE driving at night. I drove a little slow since I was SCARED to death.

12. We got home and woke up at 7 since we're early risers and Jae doesn't help out. So all day today we have been napping.

13. It was a great Family 1st trip

14. On the trip we discussed what temple we want to get sealed in since we haven't been sealed yet due to Luther's first marriage so we're about to start the process of getting sealed since he's been sealed in the temple another time, it's a long process. But my MOST favorite temple is Mesa Arizona but we were talking we will either go to the Mesa Temple or we will go to Orlando Florida Temple then go to Sea World and the beach with our Family. I can't wait for that day. Hopefully it will happen this summer as long as the process goes smoothly.

Finally, I have clothes that fit me!! Before I was wearing Luther's clothes which while I was pregnant they were getting way to small, but by now they are way to big. Everyday it was basketball shorts and t-shirts. I haven't got back to my original size yet but ready to have clothes that fit. With our tax return I was able to get me new clothes and it is WONDERFUL to have clothes that fit!!

Oh Happy Day!!! It's becoming Spring Time...FINALLY!!! So we went on our 1st walk...Jaedyn LOVED it because everytime we stopped she cried but then she was happy when we walked some more. She eventually fell asleep but IT'S SPRING WEATHER!!!