My sister-in-law is having a baby in August..So I threw her a baby shower! I had ALOT of fun throwing it. I thought it would be fun to do it Hawaiian Themed!

These were the table center pieces

This was the gift table centerpiece

And this was the food table

Every time we have a popsicle Jaedyn thinks she has to have one, She literally will eat the WHOLE popsicle to herself and if we take it away she definitely throws a FIT!
We have gone to the pool quite a bit. She LOVES the pool just as I thought she would, since she loves baths! The baby pool is a walk in pool that goes up to 1.5' so I put her in her tube and she walks EVERYWHERE! Sometimes it makes me nervous, but this by far makes her the happiest even if she's had a bad day where she's fussy, I'll just take her to the pool and she will be the HAPPIEST baby out there!
We love to watch movies and we LOVE being a family so this is just a time we're together watching movies
I LOVE this picture! I know it looks like we're torturing her but really we're only giving her a kiss! Luther gives her a MILLION mini-kisses that sometimes she will dodge our kisses which is really funny since she's only 5.5 months old. So we were watching our movie and we just gave her a kiss on her cheek and since she couldn't dodge our kiss this is what happens :)
Do you remember those tents you made when you were a kid? Blankets and Chairs? YEP, you guessed it that's what we made as we watched a movie!

Edgerton Fair..It was kinda lame! But we took Jaedyn on the mini pony ride and she didn't think much about it! I think I was more excited than her but next year she'll probably throw some enthusiasm!! We did let her pet the pony afterwards and she's in this stage she thinks she's got to grab and have everything that comes her way so she grabbed the horses mane..Poor horse
At Luther's company they have what's called Corporate Challenge where they get together with like a 100 diff companies and play in a tournament with sports anything ranged from darts to swimming to running to basketball and soccer. And I think if they place they get money for the company. So this is Luther doing basketball (I don't have a good camera or I guess you could say Luther's just too fast, LOL)
This is Luther playing soccer they got 4th place in this :)

My garden is turning out SO great! I've been picking my green beans and cutting them into French Green beans and freezing them so when I get enough I can can them :)

My tomatoes, I've got a TON of green ones! I can't wait til they turn to normal and I'm going to make TONS of salsa!
My jalapenos, I love jalapenos, I will also use for my salsa!
My flower garden is looking really good

I went berry picking and got quite a bit, I want to make a bunch of jellies!

I know it was a while since I posted everything but here ya go and hopefully I'll be better at posting


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