This was a crazy week...I cleaned, baked, and had 3 Christmas'. One with Luther (Christmas Eve Eve, One with my family (Christmas Eve), and one with Luther's family (Christmas Day).

My mom and sister's came over and we baked a lot of goodies, I wanted to have them for our family to snack on. We made oreo balls, recess balls, sugar cookies, no bake cookies, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate dipped pretzels, and cinnamon popcorn. It took us 2 days to get it all done...

I also had a Drs. apt and in a matter of 5 days I went from 30% e-faced to 80% e-faced and not being dialated to being dialated to a 2...Hopefully Jaedyn is going to be here soon

Luther and I celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve. Since it was our first Christmas together we wanted to be able to spend it alone. So we had pork chops for dinner and opened presents and watched a movie. Luther got really excited because he got a BB gun..It was a lot of fun to see how excited he was to get it, it reminded me of a little kid getting there dream present. But I really liked seeing him so excited about something little.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my family's house and we decorated gingerbread houses, played games, ate, and visited. We weren't there very long because of the huge winter storm...

Christmas Day, was very busy but still a lot of fun. We cooked a lot for dinner but we played games and visited. I'd have to say there was one particular event that will be unforgettable in my mind. We had a mouse in the kitchen while I was cooking and when I realized it, I wouldn't go back in considering I saw it 2x in a matter of 5 min. So Luther and Patrick decided to pull out the BB gun and they were shooting at it for about 45 min. This mouse was very brave, because it kept coming out even though there were lots of BB's flying at him. They eventually killed it.

Our First Christmas was a nice Christmas and I can say that it was worth all the prep.


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