Luther got all 4 wisdom teeth out and he swelled up really bad...Hilarious, I must say! They gave him medication that made him EXTREMELY loopy. It was really funny at first I did think he was milking it but I quickly realized not true! He was HILARIOUS!! He can't say that I don't love him because the first day he had to put new gauze in his mouth that would drench in seconds. Yes, that's right I put my fingers putting gauze in his bloody mouth. It was gross but the things a wife and mom will do for there family and I wouldn't take back what I did for him because I love him!

Icing his mouth

Sleeping...His medicine made him so relaxed that he slept a lot

Swollen Face!!

I will say though, seeing and knowing what happened (drilling and such, Luther called it a mini jack hammer) and the after effects (pain) I DO NOT want to get my wisdom teeth out...Only time will tell I guess


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