Conversation that Luther and I had:

Selena: Isn't crazy that tomorrow is 9-11...What were you doing?

Luther: I was in school and we were getting ready to run the mile and I said, "Teacher, we can't run the mile the terrorist will come and get us!"


Luther & Emma: Laughing there Butt's off!!!

Selena: You couldn't have said that!

Luther: Why not?

Selena: You weren't in elementary you didn't say that because I was in 7th grade.

(((By this point they are laughing so hard because it doesn't make since. I was thinking that saying Teacher and the Terrorist quote would be something a elementary kid would say and if I was in 7th grade that makes Luther in 11th grade...So big confusion and a really good Laugh)))

On a side note...When I look at pictures or see video clips of the damage and the horrible things that happened to our country, or think of the families that lost family members due to this selfish act, I get so upset and so Angry!! I wish I could just do something to make a difference or knock some sense into people that's saying it was fake or people who talk bad about our country. I feel so blessed to live in a country that we live in although there are trials, not just in our personal life but trials as a country but by far we are the best country and the freedom that we have. I love that I can choose my own religion. I truly feel very blessed!! I would like to say how grateful I am to live in a free country and for people who have fought in this war to show and to protect us and our country. I would like to also say how grateful I am for Paramedic's, Firemen, Police Men, the Military, and everyone else who protect us!! God Bless the USA!!!


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