This week was a crazy busy week BUT very productive!
I love weeks like those don't you?!?
I know I do!!!

So I've been really trying to build a food storage and I know it's not canning season but I've been craving to can...SO I bought some items to can to go into my food storage. I was canning chicken but I kinda had a bad experience and the pressure cooker exploded because we're assuming it got too hot in there and it evaporated the water in the pressure cooker AND in the jars.
So because of the explosion it ruined the chicken. But I do want to try it again sometime!

I canned Beef Chunks/Stew Meat...Looks good it turned out so good.
I love this one meal where it's Beef Chunks and Brown Gravy over mashed potatoes. I know sounds simple but it's so good...So if you want a simple recipe there it is. :) And I can of course use the Beef Chunks in Beef Stew..So pretty accomplished there
I had to get another Pressure Cooker

I also canned 58 pints of beans! That's a lot!
I did Black Beans, Kidney Bean, Great Northern Beans, and Pinto Beans.
I actually hate eating beans UNLESS it's in my Chili and I have the best Chicken White Chili that consists of all 4 beans. So, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

So the canning took me 3 days to do that.

Thursday was St Patrick's Day and Luther took off and we went to the Kansas City Parade.
The parade itself was cool BUT the experience was crazy. There were literally thousands of people there. You could barely move and we even got there a little bit early and we still were WAY in the back. But overall it was pretty fun :)

I also painted my dining room and hallway. I originally started to just do touch ups but didn't realize I didn't have any paint to do so I had to go get some more and took some of the old paint with me for them to touch up. There were tons of places that needed touched up all over the walls, so I started to touch up paint. So I woke up the next morning only to see 2 toned paint all over my walls. There was no way around it other than RE-PAINTING! It was pretty annoying but the end results ended up a better paint job and a better yellow. So I'm happy with the results :) The pic below isn't my dining room but it's the same yellow I have :)

So these projects weren't the only things I did because of course there's the normal life. Taking care of my daughter and making dinners, the daily clean up and then my detailed cleaning on Friday. After I got done painting I kinda did a minor spring cleaning!
So this week has been crazy busy but very productive!

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  1. Scotty & Emily on March 21, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    I LOVE the color you painted your kitchen! Gorgeous!!


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