I am so amazed at how much Jaedyn is changing! It makes me excited to know that soon I can do lots of fun things with her (preschool, potty train, go to zoo, go to the pool, etc.) BUT I'm so sad that she's getting big so fast...So it's very bittersweet. I'm going to list some of the adventures:

1 - Jaedyn has an old phone and she wants nothing to do with it unless the battery is charged so it can light up and make sound, (otherwise she wants our phones) So we keep it charged but took the sim card out. But there is still an 'emergency call' button. So the other day she pushes the button and a guy answered and Jaedyn says, 'HI, DADA!!!' with so much excitement. It was so cute and funny :) I finally threw the phone away because of the several 'emergency' calls. Luckily nobody came out.

2 - Our couches have a gap from the floor to the bottom of the couch. So anyways, Jaedyn says, "UH-OH, UH-OH, UH-OH" and gets on her tummy and looks underneath the couch and stands back up and put's her hands up and says, "Where'd it go?"...I know she was looking for the phone.

3 - Jaedyn figured out how to open the child proof safety locks on my kitchen drawers. "What, SERIOUSLY" Yep, I'm in trouble.

4 - Jaedyn also learned how to stand on the chairs, Yep, trouble x2

5 - We've colored here at home maybe like 5x and we were at the doctors office and she went to the coloring station and said color! So now every time she sees crayons she says, color!

6 - We went visiting teaching to a new lady and I told Jaedyn to say Bye-bye and so she puckers her lips up and wants to give this lady a kiss. Cute, huh!?!?!

7 - Every night in the last week or so, I tell Jaedyn to tell her daddy night-night, so she goes to her dada and says night-night and puckers up her cute little lips.

8 - Sometimes, when Jaedyn gets in to something I have to smack her and tell her no, so she hits me back, or anytime I tell her no she raises her hand up at me. I know she doesn't know what she's doing since she's started repeating everything. So anybody have ideas how to redirect her when she's getting into something she's not supposed to do.

9 - Jaedyn likes to try and put her shoes on all the time, and she concentrates really hard.

A couple things about Luther and I

10 - Luther has started back up MMA training, it takes a lot of time but we can't wait til he gets a fight

11 - I can't wait for spring so I can plant our gardens (vegetable, and flower)

12 - The trees are becoming popcorn trees but the weather isn't matching it, can it be nice out already.

13 - I've started this new diet/excercise thing and I've lost 3.2 lbs in 3 days, that's right 3 days! That's a little over a lb a day!!! I hope I keep losing a lb a day. That would be amazing!!! because when I lose my weight I'm going to have a shopping spree. Where I'm going to look good and have cute clothes again, and I'm going to get me some RED High Heels, like I've always wanted...and I'm going to try and convince Luther to take me to the beach, yep that's right, a vacation!

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  1. A and B Patton on April 1, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    I have red high heels if you want them. I have never worn them. I bought them from Kohls for my senior prom but remember I tore my tendon in my knee so I had that stupid brace on and couldn't wear heels. If you want them you can have them. They weren't cheap either. I'll never wear them


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