Playing a little 'Catch Up'
I know I haven't updated in a while so I'm putting pictures of up over the last several months.

Beginning of April it was one of the nice days! And Jae was so excited to play outside and play with some bubbles

Jaedyn giving her dada kisses! She loves him!

Easter! This was actually pretty funny! In Jaedyn's Easter basket there were toys and candy and different items. She immediately saw the mini m&m's and grabbed them right away and that was the only thing she cared about. LOL

We colored eggs the night before Easter and she had a blast until....

We were done and she cried!

In April we also celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We decided to go to coco keys water resort and take Jae with us. It was a lot of fun!

One day in May, I took Jae to Deana Rose, and she had a lot of fun, but every time we passed water she would try to get into it, hence the trying to climb through the

She loved the goats!

For my birthday Luther bought me a puppy. Her name is Bella and Jaedyn loves her. She's always playing with her and trying pick her up, and if she can't find her she says, "Bewa! Bewa!" looking for her. It's so cute!

Jaedyn is always doing something crazy but she's soo cute!! And she never keeps her hair in, (drives me crazy) I literally do her hair ATLEAST 3x a day

I love this picture!! Doesn't she look sweet!

Jaedyn and Luther just being silly :)
I love them tons!


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