Jaedyn LOVES her little sister!

One day I was making dinner and turned around for 2 seconds and in the corner of my eye I saw Jaedyn running with Hallee in her hands across the room. Can I say heart attack of a life time! Now I try to keep a REAL close eye on her because she knows when and how to be sneaky. Let's just say that's not the last time she's tried to pick Hallee up. She is still even sometimes successful. AAHH! But at least Jaedyn loves her baby sister. Jaedyn loves giving her kisses, getting sister's diapers, tries to share her food with her (which is SCARY), and always holding her.

Jaedyn loves it so much she is a "momma" t0 her babies. So cute! She get's wipes to change her babies diapers, feed her bottles, dress them, wrap them in blankets and do what momma's do.

The picture of Jaedyn and Hallee is mid-kiss! Love them!


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