People say the hardest year of marriage is the 1st year then it gets easier.  I always thought no it'll be easy, I'll be with the person I love how hard could it really be?!  Well the truth of it is...Marriage wasn't really easy until the end of the 2nd year.  It's definetley had great, and amazing times and I wouldn't trade my hubby for another hubby, but it is hard work.  Getting to know each other for their faults, their habits, their lifestyle, and getting to know who they really are (not that they hide it but because you get to know the true person by living with them.)  And I will be the first to admit, I'm not always the easiest person to live with.  So I'm so grateful Luther is super patient with me.

In April we celebrated our 3 year anniversary! YAY for us :)  I love my hubby so much and I appreciate all his hard work for us!  Even though our anniversary is on the 18th we ended up celebrating on the 13th since our anniversary landed on a Wednesday.  So we celebrated the weekend before.  Luther took off work that Friday and we had a good time.  My parents watched Jaedyn which was nice but we did have Hallee since I nurse her and she couldn't be away from me more than and hour or two.

In January I sold my Durango to Luther's sister, which put me carless for about 4 months and let me tell ya, It's not easy being stranded at home with 2 kids and carless, luckily my mom lives like 5 minutes away so it wasn't horrible but not exactly the funnest so for our anniversary we bought me a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse! MAN - DO I LOVE IT!!

We spent the weekend shopping and enjoying each others company since Luther is SuPeR busy with his 2 jobs.  (His full time and his own company) So he works about 60-80 hours a week.  But this weekend was no working at all! YAY!

 On our actual anniversary the 18th we were just going to sit home and hang out since we celebrated the weekend before but Luther put his name in a drawing at work for free tickets to the Royals game and guess what....It is our lucky day! We went to the Royals game.  It was fun!  We took Hallee with us since like I said before, I do nurse.  I wanted to get her a Royals outfit but I didn't have much time so I went to Walmart hoping they would have something but they didn't so I quickly put together this tutu and I already had her bow made from Jaedyn so this is Hallee sporting the Royals.  Isn't she cute?!
 These tickets were pretty amazing!  They were practically front row seats right behind the dugout.  We were maybe 6 or 7 rows up on the lowest level.  These were GREAT seats!
 This is us! I hate this picture of me but I had to put a picture of us up since we celebrate our anniversary!  Ya Luther is wearing a KU shirt and I'm just wearing a baseball shirt.  We don't have any Royals clothes so we atleast wore there colors ;)
I can't wait to spend many more years with this man!  I'm pretty lucky :)

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  1. Scotty and Emi on June 22, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    You guys are adorable!! Happy anniversary!! (And maaaan, those babies of yours are so cute!!!)


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