:: mom ::
parent, cook, housekeeper, teacher, nurse, handy man
maid, security, coordinator, supervisor, manager,
secretary, nutritionist, caretaker, personal assistant,
life coach, book keeper, laundry maid, and taxi driver.
Does not get a paycheck, sick pay, or a day off.
On call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Not the easiest job ever but
MOST definatley the BEST job ever!
Lori Smith :: My mom! Always supportive, she loves her family very much, she's always there
for you when you need it. She has many talents and hobbies that has been a
blessing to me and MUCH MORE!!
Lu Ann Hargrove :: My mother-in-law! She is very kind and friendly and makes you feel
welcome. She raise a wonderful Man and I'm greatful for who he is because
he is a blessing to me, my home, and my family!
Kristin Walburger :: She was my young women's president who became a dear friend of mine.
She dedicated her time to us young women's who made an impact in my
life. She has been released for about 5 years and she still is in my life who
still cares for me and is there for me when I need her!
Stephanie Skeem :: She is also a dear friend to me. She has always been there to listen to me
when I needed to talk. She has been an influence to me through out my life
and I love to watch her. She's so kind and friendly. What a neat woman!
Rachael Rauber :: A mom to Jonathan, Luther and Rachael's son. She teaches and raises Jonathan the way he needs to be raised and she loves him so much and is a
great mom and has taught me many lessons in life! Happy Mother's Day!
Brenda Smith :: My grandma! She loves us and is always fun to visit with! You have put many smiles on my face!
I want to wish every mom out there a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve it! I hope each one of you get pampered and loved because this is your day to be appreciated for the things you do for your family!
I also am very greatful for being a mom! Jaedyn has been a blessing to me and I can't wait to be a mom to my future children! It is the best thing ever, being a mom and I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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