I want to express my love and appreciation for my Amazing Hubby!

We have been married for over a year and it's been the greatest year of my life! But, unfortunately there has been lots of trials people have thrown at us. But yet Luther keeps chugging along with a smile and accomplishes many things. There have been many times that I want to get angry and I want to seek revenge, but Luther is so humble and kind hearted that he always encourages me not too and not let it effect me personally.

I don't know what it is about my hubby, but he has made me who I am and he is a strong person. I want to thank him for every little thing he does for me. He always is so positive and all he cares about is his family! I love that so much of him. You know how people will say God won't give you something that you can't handle. I know that for a fact. Just watching Luther and him doing the right thing and always putting a smile on my face It just makes me filled with lots of Joy.

I'm so proud of him, and proud for him to be my husband and the father of my children. I'm so happy that he always brings the spirit in my home. I'm so grateful for the love he has for our daughter. He can come home to her crying, then he picks her up and she's happy. I'm also so grateful for the love he has for me.

You truly are a blessing to me and my family and my home! Thank You for all you do!

I love you honey!


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