Can I just say how hard it is to get/give gifts to Luther.  He is so picky and when it comes to gift giving for him he just wants something that he needs.  Ya that's great! But the problem is he gets everything he needs and wants so when it comes to gift giving it's almost impossible.  So I've seen these DAD photos going around pinterest a lot and I thought that was perfect for him especially since he has been wanting a picture of his girls for his desk at work. 

So when I went to Hobby Lobby to get the letters and there was a problem... everybody and their mom is doing the exact same project.  So all the unfinished wooden letters D and A were gone so I had to buy the finished ones.  (That's fine it was just more expensive) But that's ok :)

So I took my girls to my parents house and got them all done up with their super cute matching outfits and tried to take pictures.  Let me just say what should've taken 5 minutes took an hour.  Jaedyn 'gets her picture done' when she wants it done.  SO there was a lot of bribing involved. 

Here are some pictures that ended up being taken:

This picture is convincing Jaedyn to hold Hallee, and Hallee was screaming and Jaedyn was yelling...
HA that was pretty funny!

This picture was trying to get them to lay in the vinery.  Let me just say the vinery is very soft but as you can tell neither one wanted or liked it.

This picture is trying them to hold the letters and since Hallee is barely 3 months and probably the chunkiest baby ever she can't sit up not even partially so we're trying to hold the back of her up by her outfit...Nope she didn't like that either...even if we could get her to sit up Jaedyn's not looking and you can't even see the letters so this one was a failure too.

In this picture we were doing the same technique with them sitting on a flower well at my parents because it's pretty but the background didn't even look as good as I had envisioned and AGAIN Hallee didn't like it.

And out of the million pictures we took we chose this one because it was the best one.  Jaedyn is half smiling and Hallee is sorta looking at the camera.  BUT guess what...This was the very first picture taken...DANG! I went through a hour of headache for nothing but on the bright side he LOVED it and it is on his desk!

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  1. Scotty and Emi on July 6, 2012 at 6:51 AM

    *laughing* Oh my gosh I shouldn't laugh, but Hallee WAS NOT having it! lol I'm glad you came up with a good picture out of all of that!!


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