Jaedyn has always been my little fishy, from day 1.  I would bring her to the pool almost daily her first summer in the world we live in.  She still is my little fishy.  Now Hallee on the other hand, she will sit in it if the water is only 1inch deep of water.  Ya she doesn't care for it and if it's the slightest bit cool that's not even ok.

I went to the store when the pool opened and got Jaedyn a bunch of toys.  Rings, buckets, balls, squishy things...She has to have her basket of toys every time we go.  She's lost a few but it's ok but she's so smart she always remembers the things she lost and asks about it.

'Miss Hallee Poo' (ya I'm sure she'll appreciate that nickname one day...lol) She's soo sensitive she didn't want to be in the water so I'm bouncing her on my legs.  Look how super cute she is, in that floppy hat!

Every time we go to the pool I try to feed her right before we go, but make sure it's at nap time so when we're there I can put her in the stroller and Jaedyn and I can play in the water with the stroller right there while she sleeps.  This was her waking up.  Since this summer has been SUPER hot, like 100's most days I constantly will put water on her head and face so she doesn't overheat while she's sleeping, luckily she doesn't wake up from it, it must be relaxing for her.

Our pool is a super nice pool.  It has big slides, kiddie slides, jungle gym in the water for the kids volleyball net, diving boards, lilly pads to balance on, and a lazy river.  My sister watched Hallee so I could take Jaedyn on the lazy river.  Jae thinks it's pretty cool especially since she can kick and float.  Good thing she starts swim lessons next week...She's gonna love it!


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