Jaedyn's great aunt, Aunt Donna from Luther's side (there's a great Aunt Donna on both Luther and my side) came to visit from Utah and she brought presents for the kids.  One of the things Jaedyn got was a apron.  Which I was excited about because I've been wanting to get Jaedyn a apron.  Not just any apron but a super cute one so buying the aprons at hobby lobby are just plain so that would require me to make one and when I sew I have long battles with my sewing machine so I haven't done it because it would make me to mad and it probably wouldn't even turn out that cute so when Aunt Donna brought this darling apron for Jaedyn it took just another thing off the list of me eventually getting.

The first thing we made with Jaedyn's apron on was jello jigglers.  Did you know you could make jello jigglers really easily.  You know the kind of jello that you can pick up and it won't fall apart in your hands.  Ya that's pretty cool! All it is, is 4 small packages of jello with 2.5 C boiling water.  You DON'T add cold water then you put it in a 9x13 put it in the refrigerator let it set up then put the bottom of the dish under hot water for 15 sec to soften the bottom then you cut it in squares or if you want to be a super cool mom/grandma you use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.  (Wasn't planning on writing the recipe but it just kinda happened so your welcome if you didn't know how to do that :))

It was super fun doing this and she loved it!  It was really the first time I let her help me with cooking food, now she helps me all the time and always have to have her apron on.

Thank You Aunt Donna!

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  1. Scotty and Emi on July 6, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    These are adorable!!! I love the pictures of you girls working in the kitchen, so cute!!


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