Luther and I were discussing about flowers to put in our garden, and he want to use seeds and I want to use the one's you buy that's already bloomed. The reason I want to use the ones already bloomed was because I think they work 110% better and he said the seeds will work just as good...So here's the conversation:

Luther: Give me a garden and I will use the seeds

Selena: You can have the one by the Fire Pit.

Luther: Ok, You'll see it's going to work just as good

Selena: Ok...We'll see

We went to the store and was buying flower seeds for his garden and the conversation went like this:

Luther: (gets 6 white packets of seeds) I got my seeds!

Selena: Your getting all white? No color?

Luther: (He goes back to the seeds and picks out flowers) Here's a blue flower....Here's a white flower...Now I need a red flower

Selena: HA! Seriously! (I thought to myself, it's going to match our flag)

Luther: Oh these are kinda different

Selena: Those are ugly

Luther: (Grabs the flowers) Got my flowers!

Selena: You don't need 2 packets of each that's 6 packets of flowers...Your garden is tiny

Luther: It's my garden!

HA! The competition is on! I hope your seeds work but, It's on!!! LOVE YOU

Luther's Garden


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