I LOVE fair week! It's always the 2nd week of August.  This is the first year that Jaedyn had an idea of what was going on and could ride rides, play games, and really understand the animals..  Luther and I always look forward to the homemade root beer, Suzy-Q fries, and this year I even tried the BBQ sandwich and boy was it YUMMY!

The other day I told her we would go see the animals, and so during the day we went to go see the animals.  I think it was Tuesday.  (Fair Week is Mon-Sat) So we went to see the animals and it was a HUGE diss appointment because the animals didn't come until Wednesday afternoon and Jaedyn was devastated as we walked to the car...She cries...I wanna see the animals, I wanna see the animals...And that's all I heard for the rest of the day. 

We went to the fair, Thurs, Fri, and Sat and saw the parade.  It was so fun!

We saw the animals played a few games and rode rides.  You know the swinging ride that takes you up super high and super fast.  Yep! Jae loved it.  She even kept telling us to, "Put your hands up" and yell "WEEEE".  Bitter Sweet that Jae is fearless.  It's Sweet that she has fun with rides and such and not being scared but very Bitter on the fact who knows what else he'll be willing to do.

 I took the picture of Jae in this ride, "The swinging ride that goes super high and fast" But I did ride with her.

Hallee going for the ride but she was way too small to know/understand what was going on.  Can't wait til she's older so the girls can enjoy this stuff together!


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