Jonathan turned 4 this last August and my oh my! That's so crazy!  We can't believe he's already that big/old.  We kicked Luther out for the afternoon so we could decorate for Jonathan's 'party'.  We don't have any contact with Jonathan and that's sad, heartbreaking, and unfortunate but we respect his mom and her choices and one day one of 2 things will happen. 
1 - Jonathan will be of age and want to know who is biological dad is and who his sisters are; or;
2 - Our girls who will be raised to know who their brother is will want to meet Jonathan and they will search out for him and we will help them find Jonathan
So anyways, we tried to find out what Jonathan was into so we can have the party themed to what he's into but his mom didn't respond so we went with the theme Dinosaurs. 

 I know that the cupcake creature doesn't look like a dinosaur but it was the best we could do with the amount of cupcakes we had
 Since Jonathan wasn't with us and we don't have a way to send him birthday presents we still get the present and we sing Happy Birthday to Jonathan and Jae blew out the candle and opened the presents.  He got a bunch of dinosaurs and alphabet magnets!
We love you Jonathan! Love Your daddy Luther, Selena and your 2 sisters Jaedyn and Hallee!


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